The Official Website of the Central Florida Punk Rock Band and CROW Records         

Special Venues

The Clubs

C.B.G.B.'s - New York City

688 - Atlanta

Coliseum Club - Charlotte

Beat Connection - New Orleans

7:30's - Jacksonville

The Cell - Miami

The Rat - Gainesville

20-Grand - Daytona Beach

Smitty's - Tallahassee

Ms. Lucky Club


Red Rose

Daddy Warbucks

Brass Mug


Ms. Lucky II

London Victory Club

Act IV

Gasoline Alley

Mi Back Yard Club (First three shows)




Opening For  

U.K. Subs    

Black Flag    

Circle Jerks    

Dead Kennedys    

Associated Bands  





Primitive Romance    

U-boats / subu.s. all time lineups

Michael Nelson

Jay Jetmore

Tony Peters

Chris Agora

Allen Esser

Aaron Knerr

Alex Civiletti

Marc Austin

Greg Barsomian

Scott Hires

Bob Widenhofer


Floyd Kersey

Richie Clayberger

Jeff Spivey

Jason Stevens

William Kaye

Nigel Hairston

Dorsey Martin

Daryl Peters